This was the first international event organised by the research network after the receipt of a networking grant from the AHRC. The network organised three panels within the Conference on the Legal Histories of the British Empire, held at the National University of Singapore on 5-7 July 2012 around the theme of Authorities and Interpreters.

Papers were proposed and presented in response to an advertised Call for Papers.

Authorities: Call for Papers

Nine papers were presented within the three panels organised by the network. Every one of these panels was very well received, and saw vigorous discussion with specialists in the field, which added to the achievements of the network.

Sub-panels and papers presented

In addition to the panels presented within the conference, the network organised a roundtable discussion on the evening of 6 July 2012, at Park Hotel, Clark Quay, Singapore. Participants in the discussion included the speakers on the three panels and
other scholars invited by Dr. Chatterjee.

Roundtable proceedings


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