Network Members

This network does not have a director. It is open to colleagues for setting its agenda.

Its facilitators are:

Dr Nandini Chatterjee, History, University of Exeter

Dr Stacey Hynd, History, University of Exeter



(This list is incomplete. We are working on it!)

Dr Aparna Balachandran, History, Delhi University

Dr Neilesh Bose, History, University of North Texas

Dr Guillemette Crouzet, History, Université Paris-Sorbonne

Dr Leigh Denault, Churchill College, Cambridge

Dr Shane Doyle, University of Leeds

Dr Mitch Fraas, University of Pennsylvania Libraries

Dr Rajarshi Ghose, CSSSC, Kolkata, India

Dr Richard Huzzey, History, University of Liverpool

Dr Bonny Ibhawoh, University of McMaster, Canada

Prof. Justin Jones, Oxford University

Dr Stephanie Jones, English, University of Southampton

Riyad Koya, History, University of California Berkeley

Dr Assaf Likhovski, Law, Tel-Aviv University

Prof. Javed Majeed, English and Comparative Literature, King’s College, London

Prof. Catharine McMillan, Law, University of Reading

Dr Soumen Mukherjee, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin

Dr Diana Paton, University of Newcastle

Dr David Schorr, Law, Tel-Aviv University

Dr Charlotte Smith, Law, University of Reading

Prof. Lakshmi Subramanian, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata

Dr John Strawson, University of East London

Dr Carol Tan, School of Oriental and African Studies, London


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